Hộp dụng cụ kim loại 146 chi tiết BAHCO-# 428825

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Four foam inserts equipped with 146 high-quality tools especially foraviation mechanics, suitable for maintenance work on all large aircraft types. Heavy-duty metal tool box with three full-extension drawers, drawer locking system for greater safety, reinforced aluminium lid with a load capacity of up to 70 kg. 


Mã đặt hàng Model Chi tiết  Kích thước  Khối lượng 
428825.0100 1483KHD3RB-FF4 146 305 x 523 x 233 28.5

1 insert FF3A10, screwdriver, bit and Allen key set, 53 pieces
1 insert FF3A11, pliers, tape measure set, 12 pieces
1 insert FF3A12 , double open-end, combination and adjustable wrenches, metric, 28 pieces
1 insert FF3A13, socket wrench set, metric 1/2“ drive, 49 pieces
In lid compartment, striking tools and flexible grippers, 4 pieces


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